Daya Masada Wright Provides Professional Mediation Services

The Law Office of Daya Masada Wright provides professional mediation services for families in Buckhannon, WV and the surrounding region. Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences. Certified since 2005, Daya Masada Wright will assist the parties to hear one another, to minimize the harm that can come from disagreements, to maximize any areas of agreement, and to find a way of preventing the areas of disagreement from interfering with the process of crafting a mutually agreeable outcome.

Daya Masada Wright Works with Families During All Stages of the Process

• Before any documents have been filed with the court
• After documents have been filed but before any hearings have been held
• After initial hearings have been held and temporary orders have been entered

Daya Masada Wright Works With Clients With Attorneys and Those Representing Themselves (Pro Se)

As your mediator, Daya Masada Wright will also advise you on the current law and the legal ramifications of the terms of your agreement. She has worked diligently to earn her reputation among the Family Court Judges as a skilled mediator. She has established an excellent rapport with local attorneys.

Advantages of Mediation with
Daya Masada Wright

• Less Expensive Than a Contested Trial
• Gives You More Control Over the Timing and the Terms of Your Agreement
• Less Adversarial
• Child-Centered and Keeps Your Children Out of the Dispute
• Builds Trust Between the Parties
• Saves Time (It is Possible for Families to Finalize Issues at Their Very First Meeting)
• When an Agreement is Reached, You Will Leave the Mediation with a Fully Executed Document Ready for Submission to the Court